A Walk through History

Year Description
1977 Mr KT Mathew turns 45 : decides to go into business
1980 Subcontract for Renovation of Al Amiri Hospital
1985 Supply of Clinical Laboratory Package for 5 Hospitals
1989 Fit out of University in Yemen
1990 Invasion of Kuwait
1992 Rebuilding of Kuwait – Various Projects
1995 Wave of International Mergers & Acquisitions Loss of several Principals required a rethink on strategy
1996 Laboratory Informatics for Refinery
1997 Revenue KD 4.5 Million (USD 16M)
Health & Wellness Retail Outlet
Custom Seating & Positioning
Fitout of Kuwait University Health Sciences Center
1998 License for Home Care Services from Ministry of Health
Supplemental Staffing for A Social Care Center
Fitout of PAAET Laboratories at CTS
2002 Revenue KD 10 Million (USD 35M)
2003 Creative Children International School (Special Needs)
Supplemental Staffing providing Nurses to Hospitals
2006 Orthopedic Surgeries in Private Sector
2007 Digital Library for Information Services
Polyclinic for Medical Services to the public at large
Automated Medication Management
2008 Shelters for Civil Defence Application
2009 Design Services for Laboratory & Vivarium Qatar University New Research Center
Canadian Bilingual School (K-12)
Dental Center for Medical Services
Travel & Tourism Services
2011 Fitout of Laboratories (Casework & FumeHoods) PAAET – College of Technology Studies, College of Health Sciences, Nursing Institute
Fitout of Laboratories & Casework Qatar University New Research Center
Medical Equipment Planning Services for 200 bed hospital Al Jalila Children Specialty Hospital - UAE
Piped Medical Gas Systems for 1200 bed hospital
2012 Revenue KD 33 Million (USD 120M)
Digital Scanning in Anatomic Pathology Enabling Accountable Healthcare by Leveraging the IT Highway
Web Portal for Delivery of Content
Mr KT Mathew turns 80
2013 Member of Consortium Awarded Expansion of Al Amiri Hospital
Supplemental Staffing providing Medical Technicians
Supplemental Staffing providing Care Givers
Laboratory Information Systems Support Services
Contract for Quality Testing Services of Petrochemical Products
Hospital Informatics – Workflow Solution for Intensive Care Units
TRACE Certified
Remote Presence Telemedicine Enabling Accountable Healthcare by Leveraging the IT Highway
2014 Cancer Screening in India Enabling Health Management

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