Portfolio of Activities


We represent a number of international companies (our Principals) engaged in developing technology products. Our resources are trained at their facilities to promote, to support and to service the technology in Health, Education, Research and Science in Industry.

  • Medical Technology (MDT)

Pharmacy Automation, Orthopedic Surgery, Respiratory Therapy, Critical Care, General Medical Supplies, Health & Wellness, Clinical ...

  • Scientific Technology (SCT)

Life Sciences, Hydrocarbon Processing Industries (HPI), Electron Microscopy

  • Education Technology (EDT)

Simulators (ATC, Harbor), Vocational Training Systems in Engineering, Planetarium, Interactive Learning, Playground Equipment... ...

  • Information Technology (INT)

Medical Informatics, Laboratory Informatics, Web Portals

  • Engineering (ENT)

Piped Medical & Laboratory Gases, Pneumatic Tube Systems, Laboratory Casework, Fume Hoods, Civil Defense Shelters

  • Other Trade (OTT)

Turnkey Projects


We offer a variety of services both to institutions and to the public at large.

  • Medical Services (MDS)

Supplemental Staffing, HomeCare, Outpatient Clinics, Dental Centers

  • Scientific Services (SCS)

Laboratory Services for Quality Certification & Industrial Pollutants, Food Safety testing

  • Education Services (EDS)

K-12 Schools, School for Children with Special Needs

  • Information Services (INS)

Digital Content, Print Subscriptions

  • Engineering Services (ENS)

Consultancy for Medical Facilities, Laboratory Facilities, Research Facilities, Operation and Maintenance, Waste Management

  • Other Services (OTS)

Ticketing, Housekeeping, Catering, Laundry, Transport

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